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The program gives the motivated youth trainings on the various areas including; the 21st century employability skills; soft and technical skills and personality/behavior development support. The program is two months (2Months) in class training (Every Saturday from 9:00am-11:30am and Fridays from 2:00pm-4:30pm and thereafter guaranteed posting for internships, attachment placement and some get job placements. The program will be conducted by well-known and respected HR and leadership consultants. Once one has successfully completed the program, there will be Graduation and issuance of Certificates. Monthly Mentorship will follow thereafter.:

  • To empower youth and women with skills and knowledge on how they can penetrate and increase their competitiveness in the job market
  • To mentor the youth into best career practice and growth
  • To link the youth with jobs/internships/attachment opportunities for gaining experience
  • To link them to different professionals for network and knowledge acquisitions

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This are our approach towards ensuring empowered communities,we believe that when we come together great things happen.

Youth & Women Economic Empowerment (YWEE)

This program seeks to empower youth and women with skills and awareness on substance and drug abuse.

  • The program has trained 260 women and 400 youths in different skills.
  • Increasing literacy rates among women .
  • Capacity building should focus on clarifying key gender concepts, understanding the role of gender analysis and providing practical guidance on how to undertake gender planning for project and program activitie .

Household Economic Strengthening (HES)

This aims to reduce the economic vulnerability of families and empower them to provide for the essential needs of the children in their care through:

  • Money management interventions for savings and fostering knowledge and behaviours for better family financial management.
  • Integration of HES activities with complementary interventions, such as parenting skills .
  • Income promotion using low-risk activities to diversify and stimulate growth in household income .

Capacity Building & Leadership Program

This program forcuses on youth and women in the community.

To fill the gaps left by the education system, Action Kenya Initiative created a capacity-building program, training youth & Women to establish personal goals, build self-esteem, seek solutions for social problems, understand sexual and reproductive health and develop study skills. The first four months of every year consist of weekly meetings where the students participate in a wide range of activities and exercises. The lessons of capacity building enrich and motivate students to become visible leaders within their community

Entrepreneurship and ICT Program

The program seeks to Bridge The I.C.T & E-Commerce Gender Gap for Rural Youth, Women & Adolescent girls

To create employment opportunities for unemployed disadvantaged women and youth through providing skill training in computer/ICT and providing access to ICT facility in the community to enhance their social and economic empowerment.

Income generation is an important aspect for the innovative youths & Women and this opportunity has been availed for the youth & women through provision of basic tertiary learning such as computer skills and online working platform through linkages, This gives the youth and women the opportunity to advance their potential beyond the class curriculum. Due to the fact that we do not much financial support for the capital to the beneficiaries, we are looking options of linking them up with other financial institution to fill in the gap to engaging in micro-enterprises. This has also been coupled by thorough hands on training on managing the small businesses. In addition, Action Kenya Initiative also offers trainings and capacity building on Entrepreneurships, basic financial managements, starting and running a business, table banking and revolving scheme among others.

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