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Referrals,Health & Wellness

Our goal is to ensure members of the community enjoy good health,this is made possible through partnerships,medical camps and clinics and referral of patients with chronic conditions based on our partners requests

ICT Incubation Centre

The program aim is to bridge the digital and E-commerce gender gap in our socities and also to ensure the adoption of STEM subjects among girls,youth and women


This program targets adolescents girls ,youths and the community,the issue of teenage pregnacies is on the rise,leading to school dropouts,which has also seen an increase in GBV in our homes,the program aims to mitigate this through sensitization,partnerships,referrals and rule of justice.

Education and Agricology

The program has been successful due to the introduction of a community school to ensure children in need of care and protection are protected and safegurded as they receive basic education,On Agricology the program has empowered youths and women in groups with skills and introduction of fodder preparation and organic farming skills

Water,Sanitation & Hygiene

The WASH program is to ensure that communities and community schools adhere to safer and healthy way of life to reduce chances of communicable diseases


This program aim is to educate the community about emerging issues,matters on health,this is made possible through partnerships with local administrations and the communities around

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